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The citrus industry’s commodity organization, the Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA), has played an important role in training and transferring skills to black citrus growers through its transformation initiatives introduced since 2000. The CGA transformation activities focused on training, which led to the establishment of the Citrus Academy (NPC) to specifically coordinate and facilitate training for black growers. Since its establishment the Citrus Academy has continued to participate in government initiatives focusing on transformation of the agricultural sector viz. mentorship, training, exposure etc. as the means to capacitate black growers.

In its attempt to ensure that the needs of black growers are properly canvassed, the CGA established the Citrus Growers Development Chamber (CGDC) as a platform of engagement. As the CGDC is a platform where views are canvassed around the challenges faced by black citrus growers, a situational survey of 118 growers was initiated in 2013/14, to establish their real needs, so that a comprehensive response to that need could be determined. Undertaken by the Citrus Academy, the survey findings highlighted that most growers were found to be in urgent need of dedicated support – support that the CGA or CGDC were unable to adequately provide.

In light of the situational analysis findings, consultation processes were held between the CGA and CGDC, and it was agreed that a special purpose vehicle needed to be created and capacitated to address the challenges faced by this category of growers. This decision resulted in the establishment of the Citrus Growers’ Association Grower Development Company (NPC) as a special vehicle to tackle challenges faced by black growers, with its prime objective being to make a significant impact on the transformation of the citrus industry.

Back row from left to right: Mr Tompson Mankhili, Mr Lukhanyo Nkombisa, and Dr Mono Mashaba Front row from left to right: Mr Zukile Lawrence Mgadle, Ms Juliette du Preez, Minister Hon. Senzeni Zokwana, and Ms Rudzani Rasikhinya


A Centre Of Excellence Empowering Black Citrus Growers in South Africa.


Facilitate and support the establishment, growth and empowerment of profitable and sustainable black citrus growers through:

  • Production infrastructure and technical support;
  • Business management support;
  • Facilitation of access to funding;
  • Facilitation of access to markets;
  • Social facilitation in respect of project governance.


Integrity: We act in ways which instil confidence and trust among us and our stakeholders.
Accountability: We take responsibility for our commitments and outcomes for our shareholders.
Collaboration: We work together and with other for the benefit of the company and the citrus industry at large.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop and implement a transformation strategy and support programme for the citrus industry;
  • Facilitate access to technical and business management knowledge and services to develop successful, financially viable enterprises;
  • Facilitate access to national, regional and international market access for black citrus growers;
  • Enhance organizational capacity to ensure service excellence and financial sustainability.