Skills Development

Skills Development

In promoting development which is consistent with the widely accepted principles of promoting self-help, self-determination, sustainable growth, empowerment, etc. the question of a holistic approach in facilitating this, becomes relevant. As such our approach to Grower capacity development is geared towards the fulfilling the mentioned dimensions.

With obvious skills shortages in this industry, attributed to limited access to development opportunities, thus hindering the capacity to adopt new technologies and achieving the required goals. Our approach is, therefore, to take a holistic approach by integrating all aspects that are necessary for developing capacities of citrus growers. This will thus take into account the current situation, in particular, the role of many government departments and other stakeholders such as the private sector and NGOs in the citrus grower development space. In this regard, a non-exhaustive list of categories of training which this capacity building and development approach should avail includes:

      • Group and individual social and organizational skills covering motivational, mindset changing, leadership and team building(working together), gender and designated group mainstreaming, individual and community visioning, self-drive and self-determination and so on.
      • Value chain specific technical training focusing on production skills, processing skills as well as marketing and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) skills.
      • Modern agribusiness, entrepreneurial and information communication technology (ICT) training.
      • Re-training, refresher and on the job training for citrus grower advisory services and relevant service providers for aligning services to new and grower demands.